Sunday, April 8, 2007

Early start

Easter Sunday morning in my little patch of the world.

Alarm 5.45am
Dress in sleep hazed fog, grab warm things - gloves, scarf, beanie
Drive down the road to the dawn service
Hubby playing bagpipes (how his fingers worked, I have no idea, too cold!!)
Nice warm bonfire
Friendly faces
Singing hymns
Coffee and hot cross buns

And this magnificent light show appearing before our very eyes.

When there is so much anger and hatred in the world, so much horror and grief, so much harm and bloodshed, why don't people stop and take the time to watch the sunrise? It really kinda puts a lot of things into perspective.


Cinnamon Jewels said...

I love this tradition of yours- I love hearing about it every year and he photo this year is jut magic. Thankyou for sharing!

Bells said...

beautiful Carol. I could almost consider celebrating Easter on the basis of a write up like that - fabulous photo.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great post, we were 8 am so it was a little more dignified! Lots of Hot cross buns after, keep well, Tracey