Wednesday, April 18, 2007

18th April, 2004

18th April, 2004. I'm remembering back three years ago today.

Right about now I was contemplating getting into my wedding dress, grandma was in tears of happiness, my two "soon to be" step-daughters giggling with glee and working out where to throw the next bit of confetti, dad as proud as punch checking his watch, mum fussing about trying hard not to cry but taking care of anything that needed to be taken care of, my brother trying to keep the girls entertained and out of mischief. And me, just wanting to get dressed and get in that car on the way to my date with Mike!

Three years huh? Lots have happened in those three years. I became a wife and step mum, I moved homes, moved towns, moved jobs, started a new life, held on to my old one, and along the way I've developed some new wonderful friends whilst holding tight to the patchwork of my old friends. It's a good good life I'm living and I wouldn't swap it for anything in the world.

Background paper – Vintage label (Vintage Text) by Rhonna Farrer
Sanded edge overlay – Tioberon studios
Grunge frame –
Font – Cac Shishoni

“For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams,
and being my best friend …
For filling my life with music
and loving me without end …
I do”


Bells said...

Happy anniversary to you both. gosh you make a beautiful couple.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Wow, love the digi scrapbooking....Congrats,& you are close to our date, just 9 years later. Love that kilt-is it true??!!! Tracey