Friday, April 27, 2007


I did an extremely fun challenge on Designer Digitals this week where we found our colour for our birthday. Check out Pantone's Colostrology and find out your actual birthday colour and what it means. It's eerily accurate and besides which a lot of fun.

We had to find out what our colour is ... mine was Horizon Blue (they have brilliant names for the colours by the way). And then do a layout of what the colour represents to you. Quite fun! Drop me a comment to let me know what colour you came up with because I just love hearing the names.

"You have a kind heart and a strong feeling nature that should be expressed in a creative manner. It is important for you to infuse joy and amusement into your everyday activities. You are not afraid to fight for a cause. Although you tend to excel in many areas, it is sometimes difficult for you to appreciate your own worth. Your personal colour helps lightens your spirit. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Horizon Blue dissolves feelings of loneliness and increases flexibility and joy."

So here's a bit of a fluff layout and for those that actually know me (as in, in person) I think they'll fairly well liken the outcome of September 14 to yours truly.

Colorstrology Web Challenge by Patti Knox – sticker and pantone stripes
Background Paper – ksharonk Fairy Footsteps
Butterflies by Antje
Font – Century Gothic

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Bells said...

oh that sounds just like you Carol! Nicely displayed in your layout too!

That description fails to capture one important thing about you though - your wicked sense of humour!