Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lest We Forget

It's not quite tomorrow yet, but I felt like blogging tonight. I was lucky enough today to stumble on an amazingly beautiful kit by Sue Jones, entitled Lest We Forget. Stunning in fact. And I couldn't wait to use it. I'd been looking for weeks at all the heritage and vintage kits in the various stores to find just the right one for my Poppa's army photo to no avail. I was planning to do a layout for Anzac Day, but nothing, nada. Until Sue Jones popped up courtesy of the Ikea Goddess list. Thank you Ikea Goddess and most of all, thank you Sue Jones.

As I was doing this layout today with a few flying phone calls back and forth to mum to find out what she could about the regiment that my Poppa was with, the circa year perhaps the photo was taken which we still are not sure (as Mike thinks it looks more like a WWI uniform, rather than a WWII uniform). In our efforts to find out more I stumbled onto the National Archives of Australia website, where you can search the war records of your loved ones.

OH ... MY ... GOD!!! I don't know how many times I've said that this afternoon. From this website I actually got a digital scan copy of my Poppa's enlistment paperwork dated 1938 (this was apparently the second time he enlisted hence the two service numbers, he was in the Citizens Forces before that). I was even able to save this bmp file to my computer. How amazing is that. Not even our family has a copy of these records.

So go to it Aussies, search your relatives and see what you come up with. Just a suggestion, I found it easier to search just the surname. Then once you get a return of that, you can then search within those of the christian names. It seemed to be a quicker practice.

So to all our returned and serving servicemen and women throughout the country and abroad, on this our (soon to be) Anzac Day, Lest We Forget.

Layout Credits

Kit – Lest We Forget by Sue Jones (I'm still in awe of this kit!)
Postcard – Katie Pertiet
Stitching – Bluish Dream by Lively kit
Rusty brad/staples – Lemonaid Lucy – Memories Kit
Font – Antique Type


Bells said...

that's a wonderful find Carol. Really special.

And you've done a great job (as always).

My GF was called Victor too!

Lee said...

Man I meant to put an Anzac Layout up on my post and I forgot and you reminded me!

Thanks so much for the blog comment, lovely words! (not sure how you found me though ;-) )

Your Anzac layout is gorgeous and yes this is a special day, you have paid tribute beautifully.