Friday, April 13, 2007

I made it !!!!!

I now have just over 4 glorious weeks away from work, on holiday leave, not having to even think about the place. I am OVER THE MOON! Imagine 4 weeks to unwind, to kick back, to be as busy or as lazy as I want.

I am an avid fan of Paper Moons site. She designs the most awesome of fun things to use, and she does a 'to do' list every day. I love that and had started on my own 'to do' list for whilst I was on holidays.

You see, I'm a bit of a procrastinator, but I do like lists. I like the satisfaction of being able to check things off one by one, to know that what I had planned has been accomplished. It's immensely satisfying to see things slowly disappear from the lists. Heck, sometimes I even do it on weekends with the housework or bits and pieces I need to do, just to see those lines get crossed off by the end of the weekend.

So this is my holiday list. Whether I get around to doing all of them I have no idea, but I know some will definitely be crossed off. So by cementing this list on this blog for all the world to see (hair raising picture and all!!) it does make it imperative that I update it, so I will be Mrs. Procrastinator no longer. Lets see how I go.

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Envelopes and ribbon – by Paper Moons
Stamp frame – Katie Pertiet postage frames
Tag – Linda Gil Bildall from Bleu Kit
Heart brad –Bad Candy from Lamour
Clips – Clip Its by Patti Knox
Pressed flowers – Doris Castle Pressed Flowers
Note paper – Tia Bennett coloured notepaper
Font – Christopherhand and the stains are WC Rhesus


Bells said...

OMG are you insane??? Do you plan to get any rest time at all? And what about your trip up north huh? Will you arrive in Sydney in a big exhausted heap and sob all weekend because you're so drained?

Ok, so it's not that bad but my point is, have some down time!!!

LinkyLou said...

I just wanted to say I love love love the design of your list. One day, I will have skills. :)

ksharonk said...

I am SO NOT enjoying the 'I have four weeks holiday' bit, lol. Tomorrow ... yes, tomorrow, I am back at work. Boo hoo ... :(

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Gotta love a list maker...and such a cute list! Shall check back to see all ticked-especially the massage AND facial! Tracey