Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thank goodness that is over!

And now I can go to bed. Finally FINALLY, the cookies are done. I did another batch tonight and finished icing what I did tonight and a bit of what I didn't get iced last night. Funny how the first 10 were fun to ice. The last 60-odd were, well lets just say, rough and tumble! LOL

But my gripe here is firstly they weren't all that easy to ice. Well nothing like the picture. Heck the picture looked like it had a fine baker of 20 years experience ice the darn thing. And yet the recipe was in the "Kidz Corner" section of the Fresh magazine. Ha!

But they are something different this year. I also have little chocky eggs to go in the containers too. A pretty checkered ribbon and a little chick for the top. Except I'm not going to be able to put them together until tomorrow once the icing dries. Of course, I will take a picture of the finished product too.

So here they are, in all their glory.

Oh and the funniest thing. I was piping the blue on the tops, a gaudy shade of blue I might add, and concentrating so very hard and pushing the piping bag for all it was worth, not realizing that I wasn't only pushing the icing out the piping end, but also out the top of the bag too. And as luck (or my bad luck) would have it, I had the kitchen drawer slightly ajar - blue icing in there amongst the spoons, blue icing in little plops on the floor, on my shoes, down my jeans. Oh joy.

Never never never again.


Bells said...

ah we live and learn, right Carol? They are cute as buttons though.

How weird that they should be in the kids section and yet be so fiddly. Kids recipes aren't usually so fiddly in magazines. Maybe they should have been in the for kids to eat, not for kids to make section.

I'm sure they'll go down a treat and, like me with the pageant, you'll have notched up some brownie points for a good effort for some time to come!

Happy Easter!!!

The said...

Too funny! I can just picture the blue icing all over the utensils. What a mess! Hope you took a photo of it.....something to scrap in your life journal for many funny memories in the future.