Wednesday, April 4, 2007

If I see another cookie I'll *(&#W**&!!!

Who's idea was it to make easter cookies anyway? Whilst working full-time? Whilst not getting home till nearly 7pm from work after working back tonight? Who? I ask who? Next time I have a brilliant idea like this please stop me. Promise.

I have cookies cooling on trays from here till eternity right at the moment. The kitchen table is covered. Oh, and there goes the timer again, back in a tick...

Done. That's it for tonight. Last tray is out and the oven is now off.

Rewind a bit. I did mention on the weekend I did a trial run. Cookies were delish. But the icing. OMG it left a lot to be desired. I'm going to make my own icing. I stupidly followed the recipe. Too much butter in the icing mix, and milk. Who makes icing with milk? Anyway I swear the icing curdled. So this time it's plain icing sugar, water, and a few drops of colour. Poor hubby looked at my sorry trial and said "how come they don't look like the picture". BAD BAD MOVE DEAR HUSBAND OF MINE!!! He will not make that mistake again.

So let's just pray that my icing will look better than the trial one. Otherwise I'm going to have to do an emergency dash to the service station on Good Friday when we go down to see our families, cause that will probably be the only place open, and I'll have to pay exhorbitant prices for a block of chocky each.

Update later.

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Bells said...

oh dear. Not a picture of Nigella Lawson style domestic goddessness you're painting here Carol!!!

I hope you don't have to go the emergency block of chocolate!

Pictures please!!!!