Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First past the post

Well despite my little rant about the race that stops the nation, I entered the Melbourne Cup Sweep at work and won! ha. Thank you Dunaden. For an outlay of $2 I walked away with $32.50! Nice work.

After my post of yesterday, the news of the fire at one of my favourite fabric stores in Ballarat has hit the net now. Gail's Patchwork Emporium, such a beautiful beautiful place, to visit, to meander through marvelling at the array of fabrics, the gorgeous quilts on display, the nick nacks. I feel so sick for the owners, they must be devastated. I'll link up the story and photographs fom the Ballarat Courier.

On the scrapping front...

Still a few more pages of the boys, absolutely loved this photograph I took of them last year at our house, posed in front of our little tree. Their smiles just really are the best tonic.


Credits Designer Digitals.

So I think an early, well early for me, night is in order after my very early start today to get into town for the Melbourne Cup breakfast at the TAFE. Delicious by the way.


Lynne said...

Congratulations on your win.

That's a fabulous photo of the boys - the smiles are so natural.

Thanks for the update and link to the fire - how devastating. I bet they were in Houston having a wonderful time when they heard the news!

alexa said...

That's a lovely, lovely page and your little embelishments are subtle but add to it perfectly. Sorry to hear about the shop - it must be a terrible blow for owners and customers alike. :(