Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big day

Headed down to Geelong today to go to the Christening of a dear sweet little girl of friends of ours. It was a lovely big Christening, mainly due to the female side of the couple being an Italian family. I have decided I love canoles. I don't even know how to spell them. But these delicious pastry twisty round things filled one side with vanilla custard and the other side with a chocolate custard. To ... die ... for. A huge meal was had mind you, but it's all about the dessert really, isn't it?

Can't wait ... 5 more sleeps and then I'm meeting up with my best friend in the big smoke for our weekend away. She's flying in from Tassie and I'm training up from the south west. CANNOT WAIT! We've been planning this since July and it's nearly here. We were like giggling schoolgirls on the phone tonight.

Another couple of pages to show you from the book for the boys. I really like this first one, we've often commented on that last photo there that it's like dad is looking down on them smiling and loving the relationship they formed. It was a fun coincidence that young Matt and mum had the exact same birthday. So special for the two of them.


I needed to do a remake of this following page. I loved it so much but I had lost it when my computer went kaput in 2010, so I kind of recreated it, but using different but similar coloured items and papers. The photos however are just the most fun. Crazy kid he is.

Oh and yes Polly, if you are reading this, yes that's the shower cap you gave me in the middle picture. I'm pretty sure it was from you from memory. I still have it and I love it !


Credits for both pages from Designer Digitals.

Now, must go to bed. I'm still sniffing but not like it was. My lips are cracked and dry though, still feel like a duck! After sleeping most of the way home in the car this afternoon I hope I can actually get to sleep tonight.

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Lynne said...

Lovely pages - I hope you are feeling as right as rain real soon!