Sunday, November 6, 2011


Just about over, time for bed ready to start the week again.

Nothing is going to plan tonight. I decided I would upgrade the ipad to that IOS 5 that I'm meant to do, had to upgrade itunes first. With that out of the way tried to do the ipad and it keeps erroring. I can't be bothered now, will try again later or ring up the apple care or whatever it's called.

Then my virus checker/internet securitywhich has been counting down, so it's been letting me know, but I've had my head in the sand and all of a sudden "one day to go". Ack! So have just purchased same over the net but there's a 24 hour delay in sending whatever they send to me. Double ack!

Watched the last episode of Underbelly tonight. We both have thoroughly enjoyed this particular series. I did watch the first series, semi-watched the second, was there a third series? can't remember, if there was I didn't watch it, but we both watched every episode of this series with the razor gangs of Sydney. Wow, what a time in our history, so glad we didn't live it.

On the scrapping front, just scrapping the last few photos of the boys for their album, I want to get it done and dusted and to the printers. I like to journal on my pages. Visually the photograph can be key to the page, but I love to tell the story, probably as much as I like to talk. And sometimes even the story behind the story. In years to come that will evoke as much memory as a photograph, even more so.


Credits Designer Digitals.

So this photograph was taken on the day we said goodbye to the boys and despite the photo being pretty ordinary, I really wanted to include the memory of my mum taking this particular photograph. So must take this on board more often, the photographs do not have to be perfect, the fact I am getting down a memory is perfect enough.

Over and out.


Lynne said...

I totally agree with your last sentence! I must remember that myself!

alexa said...

But your LO page IS just perfect! I love your style and the attention to detail as well as the space ...