Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three more sleeps

Can't wait till Sonia and I hit Melbourne for our big weekend. I am so jazzed about everything we have planned, but most of all that we will be together for the first time since goodness knows when. I thought of a really cool idea of something else we can do on one of the days there, and I know Sonia will be reading this and it will drive her crazy not knowing, but one must have some surprises up one's sleeve, mustn't one?!? ha.

Stay tuned! ;-)

Last lot of pages to show of the book for the boys.

The book needed a title page and I thought a letter from us would be perfect.


And a set of school photographs I do believe are a must. I think back to my own school photos and it's neat to see how I changed over the years.


And boys and girls alike always should have photographs of their very first day at school. How terrified does young Matt look in these photos.


Credits Designer Digitals.

I was parcelling, packaging, boxing up overseas Christmas presents tonight and ouch, I really once again haven't thought things through very well. One of the gifts was 2kg!!!!! OUCH! I am going to see if a postpac for that one brings it under the 2kg mark instead of the box. Each year I say I'll be more savvy and each year my thoughts go out the window in search of the perfect present. Perhaps online direct mail shopping next year!

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Lynne said...

Having just spent $30+ to post three books from a give-away to USA, I can totally relate!