Saturday, November 5, 2011

This week

It's been a tough one. Allister. A beautiful man from our little town who passed away earlier this week and his funeral was yesterday. An amazing man, a gentleman and a GENTLE MAN. He lived 85 years on this earth and jam packed every bit of living he could in those 85 years. I was astounded at the stories they told at his service.

Mike did the Masonic part of the service at the gravesite and I was so proud of him, he never lets on but he was nervous, we could see his hands shaking, but not a waver in his voice. He paid such due respect to this lovely lovely man.

Moments with Allister stick in my mind. He was a little man and always with a cheeky smile and a giggle and always with a yarn to tell. The first time I met him I had been here in this town perhaps a few years and I wanted to take some photos of cows, and Mike suggested we head down to see the highland cattle. HUH? We had highland cattle in our town? Why did I not know this? So we head down this little dirt road on the outskirts of town and Mike says "Oh Allister's car is there". HUH? You actually *KNOW* the man who owns the highland cattle? Why did I not know this either?

Well Allister was more than pleased to take me around his prize cattle, walking amongst these amazing beasts, curiously following us, a bit unnerving with their huge horns not far behind us, but I felt so safe with this little man who did carry a stick to ward off any horns that may come a bit close and move them on in another direction.

I spent more than an hour with him on that particular day, learning the history of his prized cattle, he proudly showed them off to me, including the babies who were milking from their mothers. He made sure he placed me in such a way with them that I could get the photographs that I wanted to take. Such an AMAZING experience and one I will never forget.

And I'll never forget Allister either. Rest in Peace dear man.



Polly said...

Im so sorry to hear of the loss of what sounds like an exceptional man carol.

Lynne said...

May good memories of Allister live long in your hearts and minds.