Friday, November 25, 2011

Should I feel guilty?

Okay, give me your honest opinion. You know I've felt like crap this week, even sleeping through most of Wednesday. I'm still not feeling 100 percent, my nose is still so stuffed up, but at least I'm not sneezing any more. So Thursday night oh at about 10.30, just about to go to bed and Mike pipes up ... "oh by the way, the fellas are coming around here Friday night for a meeting" ("the fellas" being the committee who are putting on the town's Christmas parade and Carols by Candlelight).

Err tomorrow night?

You tell me at 10.30 in the evening?

Why did you not tell me at 6.30 tonight, so I had a chance to vaccuum and tidy up before Friday?

Oh, didn't think about it then.

So imagine if you will that the place here looked like a bomb had hit it, I've had no energy to do anything this week. And I was working all day Friday and would not be home from work until after 6pm, and the fellas were due to arrive around 7.30pm. So I simply said, "right, so you decide, do you want to vaccuum and dust or do you want to cook our dinner, either/or, because I can't do everything in an hour and a half when I get home from work."

So Mike decides to do the vaccuuming and the dusting, cleaned the bathroom too, and he did a magnificent job of it I might add, he's been hiding his light under a bushel, that's for sure. And I did dinner.

So 7.30 comes and goes, no one turns up. 7.45 still no one. I told him to ring them. They had decided that they didn't need a meeting after all but didn't tell Mike. HA! Oh I bet he wishes they told him earlier in the afternoon. Now I don't have to do ANY cleaning at all this weekend!

So I ask you once again ... should I feel guilty? Because I don't.

It has however given me lee way today to wrap wrap wrap Christmas presents. I'm going gung ho at the moment, I'm knee deep in paper and sticky tape and ribbon, and in my element.

Catching you up on the final lot of pages in the book for the boys. I'm so excited to get this back, I'm always excited to get a book back in print. I've ordered a second copy for myself.




Credits for above all from Designer Digitals.

Okay, back to the wrapping I go.

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Lynne said...

No, I don't think you should feel guilty at all!