Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot tip anyone?

For the race that stops a Nation? You know to be honest I couldn't care two hoots for the Melbourne Cup. To get a public holiday for a horse race that lasts only a few minutes, when the majority of people wouldn't even attend, is beyond me. Although we actually don't get a public holiday where I work, as our council has declared workers in the vicinity of our council borders has a day of local significance instead, so our equivalent public holiday is actually back in May.

Be that as it may I am going to a Melbourne Cup breakfast tomorrow at the local TAFE training restaurant. Well ... I didn't say anything about food, now did I? :-) So to get there in time I have to leave at 6.45am, yikes! What a rude awakening, I only go back to work from 3 weeks of glorious holidays today and already I'm leaving at all hours of the morning.

AND ... I can't find my hat. I have a black hat which I rimmed in red ostrich feathers. It's a terrific hat and I have hunted high and low. Surely I haven't leant it to someone and forgotten? Oh well, I will have to wear my pink flower in my hair that I wore to the Royal Wedding high tea!

Still scrapping for the album for the boys, I'm on the home straight, not many photos to go but I have some real keepers of photos that MUST go in the album. Like this one. The last photo of all of us before they left. A memory that must go in the album.


Credits Designer Digitals.

On a sad note, I had a shock email tonight from someone I work with, that my absolute favourite quilting/fabric store burnt down or was severely damaged over the weekend. I am horrified, all their beautiful beautiful fabrics and such an exquisite store. I've tried to find news of it on the net but can't so I can only presume that the information I received was correct.

In an effort to not to create mass hysteria amongst the quilting community of Victoria I don't want to post it here, just in case it isn't correct. So if you want to know which store in an effort to make your own enquiries, send me an email.

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Lynne said...

That is sad news indeed. I am always saddened when I hear of small businesses going under (for whatever reason) - possibly because I've been there!