Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sniff, cough, sneeze, splutter

That is the sum total of me, yesterday and today. I initially thought I was getting a bout of hay fever earlier this week, but it has developed into a head cold and I can't stop sneezing. So to give you an insider tip, buy up some stocks of Kleenex because sales are going through the roof the way I'm using them!

I took the day off sick and have slept through most of it. At one stage I got up to make a pot of tea and imagine this if you will ... my hair looked like a birds nest, my nose is swollen and red raw, watery eyes, saggy daggy tracksuit on and Mike looked at me and I couldn't help it, I said "Mike honey ... do I look pretty?" ha he didn't know which way to look.

Must ... Get ... Better. Sick of myself at the moment.

I hit "order now" on the book for the boys so it is finished. Still a few pages you are yet to see so shall pop a couple here now. Honestly I could just have kept scrapping these boys, so many stories and words I want to say to them, but it had to end one day so I could actually get the book printed.

Really, the picture of innocence, isn't it?


Credit Designer Digitals.

Now ... back to my best friend, the bed I go.


Polly said...

Get better soon carol. Would you look at that gorgeous picture, I don't know who is more precious!

Lynne said...

Hope you are feeling much better now!