Saturday, November 12, 2011

Exhausted just watching them...

A couple of fellows from my workplace set themselves a 24 hour treadmill challenge, in an effort to raise money for some local charities. Yes you read right, 24 HOURS RUNNING ON A TREADMILL !!! They started 12noon on Friday and ran, walked, didn't stop moving until 12noon today (Saturday).

I popped down to the Green to see them after work on Friday, they were setting quite a pace and had already done 36 and 47 kilometres respectively in the first 5 hours. It was exhausting just to watch. Heck, I get winded running out to the clothes line when rain is threatening.

I had to go back into town today to get my hair cut so went earlier and spent some time down at the Green cheering them on. They were still going, both looking quite worse for wear, but still running. Unbelievable but true.

At the 21 hour 38 minute mark one of them had run 137 km and the other 153 km. That's a LONG WAY by anyone's standard. That's a trip for me to go back to my home town. I am so impressed and admire them, the money they have raised by way of sponsorship, raffles, community events this morning like the group aerobics session, the fun run, the extra treadmill that you could pay to run alongside them.

What spurs a person on to do something like this? Such goodness of heart, mind, body, spirit, that's what. Good on them, big round of applause.

On the scrapping front ...

Working on the last few pages for the album for the boys. I'm a bit behind in showing off the pages here so bear with me over the next few days to catch you up.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Thought I better get my mug into the book on a few pages, I'm usually behind the lens but every now and then I hand the camera over. I particularly like this set of photos, shows what a fun relationship we have with the boys.

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Lynne said...

Wow! I bet they slept well on Saturday night!

Lovely scrap page. Good to see you occasionally get in the photos.