Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Okay, it's official

I am completely OUT OF CONTROL. No ifs, buts, or maybes. I took stock just a moment before of what is on my plate right now:

* We are knee deep in politics at work and I'm the kind of girl that just wants to go to work, do my work, come home. I am not liking this.
* Plus the union has us doing work bans at the moment, which I don't agree with but when you are a union member what do you do?
* Finished scrapping a Christmas card this week so I could make the deadline for a huge vistaprint sale.
* Ended up spending waaaaay too much at vistaprint, even with their sale, made some customised t-shirts, etc.
* Now I'm seeing the 2 for 1 calendar offer at Snapfish and wondering .... NO, no time!
* Finishing up the cover for the book for my nephews, must get that off to print. I'll get it sent direct I think and take advantage of free USA shipping.
* Have a special birthday, no not me, next month and his Lordship does not want to do anything special for it. Arrrrgh. That is soooo not my style.
* Having said that I need to shop for a 50th gift, something special, even though, as you know ... it's just another day. If I hear that one more time .........
* Arranging a Kris Kringle gift exchange at work, always a bit stressful because you want to make sure everyone plays along nicely, no bad gag gifts, etc.
* Need to block the lacy scarf I have knitted.
* Was going to finish a book of layouts for number 1 stepson, but that doesn't look like it will get done.
* Trying to finish up overseas shopping so I get the gifts I need to send out on time.
* And just now trying to order a couple of books for gifts from Borders online to take advantage of their 30% and the voucher code won't redeem.
* And amongst all that trying to remember to breathe.

I really am out of control aren't I? I haven't even listed all that's on my plate at the moment there. And if I think back to the start of the year, remember my one word for the year was "simplify". I didn't really take that on board.

Still showing you pages for the book for the boys. I found some great sites online along the theme "rules for a good life" and so picked some of the great ones, the relevant ones, the ones I can imagine I would sit down with young David if he were here and as an Aunty would try to impart the wisdom of my ways, ha! I hope this page is a welcome addition to the book and he'll look back on it many times and take the words to heart.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now, an early night, well it's 10.30 so not so early, but I do believe I need to sleep. With Molly laying at my feet which is her usual position when I'm on the computer, she's snoring and making me tired too.


Lynne said...

Ooo! You're making me giddy just thinking about it all. Hope you get control back soon!!

That's a lovely photo of David.

esther_a said...

Crazy lady!! (That's all I'm going to say)

ksharonk said...

Ok, I'm officially exhausted, just reading your list ... ;)

alexa said...

The list may be exhausting but your lovely page is energizing and inspiring! Wish I'd had someone point me in the direction like this ... He's a lucky young man. :)