Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Half way through November

Can you believe it, half way through November. I always say that November is the quickest month of the year. You're sitting there quite complacently, then all of a sudden December is on you and the silly season has begun.

I'm doing very well with my shopping, buying a lot online this year. Sooo convenient. I've ordered my Christmas cards from Vistaprint last night, a huge sale. Can't wait to get them, of course one of the menagerie feature, I was going to post it here, but I can't spoil the surprise for those I post cards to that read this!

Ordered some other unique items from Vistaprint as well, it was a bit of a treasure trove last night. I love that you can personalise things. This is becoming quite a non-post really isn't it? I can't even tell what that is in case Mike clicks on my blog and reads, because it just may be for him.

I'm doing the count down till the first weekend in December when I am going away for the weekend to Melbourne with my bestie. Just Sonia and me, it will be terrific. Staying in a boutique hotel in the city, we have plans for a few things, lots of laughs, good food, shopping, what more can two girls on the loose in the big city need!

Nothing much more to report here, except that it's a special day. Half way through November, means 15th and that means it would have been my dad's birthday today. Mike and I made a special dinner, a lovely porterhouse steak which was one of my dad's favourite meals. Okay so I burnt the steak, but it was still edible. Mike made a lovely toast to my dad, taken too soon, and then he said that one thing my dad did leave on this earth was a daughter with so many of his good qualities. Of course that made me burst into tears. Happy tears though.

Happy birthday dad. You would have been 72 today.


This is an old photo from a long long long time ago (I was a lot thinner!!!). And I might be making a goofy face with my silly smile like that, but I like this photo. Happy times.

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Lynne said...

It's great we can remember the happy times, even if they do still make us cry!