Monday, October 27, 2008

A bit of Idol chatter

Do you watch it? Who is going to win? Wes all the way!!!!! I will go on record, and have actually said so since day one, that it will be Wes and Mark Spano in the final two and I am happy for either of them to win. Both incredibly talented, both seemingly very nice guys. But if I had to pick one, it would be Wes. Brilliant every night.

This is Australian Idol by the way, if you are not from here and don't know these household names! te he

I have a lasagne cooking in the oven, it smells absolutely delicious. I do believe there will be garlic bread in the offering too. Anyone coming for dinner? LOL

Time to share another page for the family album, they are coming thick and fast now. Although now I'm having problems, too many photos, not enough pages left. There is a limit with Shutterfly for 50 pages (101 sides), so I'm doing a lot of shuffling on my grid that I have the thumbnails in at the moment.


Credits here.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions? I love that we all get to stir the Christmas pudding when mum is making it and make a wish. I love that we get coins under the pudding and custard (alas I'm too young for the days when the old coins were baked IN the Christmas pudding). Would love to hear about any traditions you may have. I'm going to have to work hard at making some new family traditions to take mum's mind off what we used to do with dad so that she doesn't go into a tail spin. So please do share.

I'm at the point with some of these photos that I am not even hazarding a guess, but am just working out the vintage by the hair styles! hahaha Oh, and the amount of earrings Trevor had in his ears. There was about 8 there at one stage, but they tended to get less as the years went on.


Lynne said...

We make our puddings two months in advance - I guess that means I have to do it this weekend. Whoever is around gets to throw in the threepences [yes, we still have some], and make a wish while they stir.

I will post about our Christmas traditions closer to the date - I'm all hung out with getting through the last seven weeks of term. Sorry!

Chocolate Cat said...

Loving all the family photo pages! We always celebrated christmas on christmas eve as Dad was Norweigan then we always had christmas lunch with Mums family on christmas day to celebrate the australian way!! Us kids loved the double celebration. Always had pork with 'sukeral'(not sure of the spelling - cabbage with carraway seeds) on christmas eve. Dad would often bring home a scratchie and a jar of boiled lollies for all the women guests after being to the pub!! We still celebrate on christmas eve and I still put scratchies at every place setting to remember Dad.

Polly said...

Ham on toast for breakfast on Christmas day and someone in our family always ends up getting something ridiculous for christmas which gives us all a laugh. Im looking forward to making my own traditions with Ollie.

As for Idol - Wes all the way but Mark is getting better and better and I have to say is slightly attractive to my liking!!