Monday, October 13, 2008

Our trip and a half

Well I must admit I was going to update you with the run down on our trip to Melbourne from Saturday but Sunday was a wash out, I couldn't put two coherent words together. Well maybe I exaggerate a wee bit but heck I was tired.

We started off nice and early and it was a lovely day. We were driving to Geelong, pick up my father-in-law then I'd take over the driving and head to Melbourne, through all the traffic to way over the other side. Mike doesn't "do" Melbourne driving you see. But I must admit he was a very good navigator so I didn't mind.

So I thought I'd show you a few pictures on the way. Here's a picture about 15 minutes up the road from where we live. This is the type of land around our little town.

Oh and here's another, note that we're in the middle of nowhere with only sheep in the paddocks for company giving a baaaaaa every now and then. Although you can't see any sheep here, there were some around.

Oh! You want more I hear you say????? Perhaps I should now show you the view from where I was standing looking in the other direction. Are you ready?

Hmmm yes, a flat tyre not 15 mins up the road. Thank heavens for muscles in the car. Because I will stand by this - it's all very well to know how to change a tyre but the reason women don't do it (I generalise here I know) is because the darn nuts are on so flipping tight that even if we do know how to change a tyre, we can't get the stupid thing off anyway. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So we ended up making it to see step-son no. 1 about 4 and a half hours after we set out. It was a big day. We were so impressed with the life he has put together for himself. A small town boy making it good in the city. He's doing a boilermaker apprenticeship and took much pride is showing us where he was working. It's a very big company. All around his neighbourhood. His new "digs". He's not the little boy he used to be, he's a man now.

So, another page here for the family album. My beloved grandfather who I absolutely adored and I know the feeling was mutual. I loved him with all my heart and was devastated 10 year ago when he passed away after a mighty battle with pancreatic cancer. We really were partners in crime, ha! And it makes me smile at how similar we are in a lot of respects. This is my very favourite photograph of the two of us, doesn't he have remarkably blue eyes, I've done nothing to this picture at all except scan it. Whenever he had bouts in hospital he would always take this framed picture with him and put it on his hospital bedside table. I was with him when he passed away and whilst it was a relief and blessing for him, it was the first time I had witnessed death and it was hard, no matter what age you are. I'm afraid I wasn't very grown up the night he passed away.

But enough about that, I want to share my grandpa with you.


Credits here.

And with that I must be off to bed, I have a huge day tomorrow having to take the early train up to Melbourne for a workshop, 5.45am eeeek, and then back on the late train getting home about 9.30pm. It will be a long day. I do believe there may be a spot of knitting in my future tomorrow!


The Josephs Family said...

Carol, that is a wonderful page. It brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of my own grandfathers and how special they were to me. Thanks for bringing some good memories to my mind this morning.

Polly said...

What a lovely photo.

BTW Gus doesn't do Sydney driving either....

Kimonos and Sushi said...

What a big day you had. I know how it feels when you have to drive a long long way to visit people.

Bells said...

oh yeah. I'm with you. that is exactly the reason. Who can undo those damn things!

Lovely, green flat countryside!

Victoria said...

I have too many shots of tire changes to hour small pop up camper on our trip west a few years ago. I was so happy Michael was able to do all of the changing because I am never strong enough to remove the hardware, either. Yeah for Mike!

The land reminds me of the midwest U.S. I live in the South, so instead of wide open spaces you get lots of pine trees.

Harry's eyes were such a stunning blue. WOW! I love the wonderfully conspiratorially happy tone of the layout.

Amandac said...

Rats! A flat - well that sucks! I'm with you Carol I don't DO flats, I can't ... but I DON'T ROFL. Tooooo tight!

I loved your fabulous page of you and your Granddad! Such a wonderful tribute to a cheeky couple - partners in crime - you both look naughty as hell in this photo LOL

Susie Roberts said...

You are so creative, Carol. Up late like me I see. Every time I think it's time to wrap up I think of one more thing I wanted to try.
I just love this page!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a beautiful photo of you with your grandfather. I was very close to my Nan and I was also devestated when she passed away.
Sounds like you had a long but good day on Saturday. You must be so proud of your stepson.
I don't change tyres either(or mow grass or change lightglobes!!!)

Lisa Beth said...

You have your grandfather's smile! What a nice page you've made. Very special. Be sure to keep a copy of that one for yourself when you get the book made for your mum.

The pics near your place look like Indiana and Ohio. You are SO right about flats! Ugh. I worry about that when I'm driving cross country too.

Lynne said...

More tears - Oh, Carol - I'm glad I usually only read your posts one at a time.

And what you said about wheel nuts is true - even WM has trouble getting them off; he says it's because they're put on by machines when tyres are replaced or rotated!