Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy day

In more ways than one. I drove home today in the rain just about the whole way home. But what a sight, you couldn't help but be cheered even with the grey skies and the rain, seeing all the bright yellow canola fields on the way home, big blankets of golden yellow stretching out in the fields as I drove. What a sight. If it weren't for the rain you were going to get a picture. Next time!

Then I got home and no sooner got in the door than the hail started. And this after a beautifully sunny day on Sunday. It truly was four seasons this weekend.

Mum's birthday and anniversary went by just as she wanted it. She said she shed a few tears in the morning, but by the time I got there my brother, his wife and her two children were there, and trust me, those boys are enough to put smiles on anyone's faces. They truly are both adorable. The littlest shares mum's birthday too. Then one of our old (I say old as in a long time ago, not old as in old) neighbours popped in. She's long since moved but mum and her have kept in contact so it was lovely for me to be able to see her too.

So then it was just the two of us, I made some dinner, we lit dad's special candle and we ate. No birthday cake as she requested, but I had made dessert, and a birthday isn't a birthday without being able to blow out the candle and make a wish so I popped a candle in her dessert, sang her happy birthday and she blew and made her wish. I know what she would have wished for and I do so wish it could come true.

It was just a night of television watching, and being together. It was nice.

So I'll share a more up to date page for the family album. No particular story, I don't even know the year, just a picture which I couldn't let slip by, my brother will not be impressed I'm sure, so it's between us (and the rest of the whole wide internet world) okay? haha


Credits here.


Jodie said...

LOL... love the layout, cheered me up after a yucky day at work :) Is Trever still speaking to you though?

Happy to hear you made it through yesterday :)

Bells said...

I got all teary imagining you and your mum having a quiet day of remembering. Beautiful.

That layout of trevor is a scream!

Polly said...

You are a special daughter. Im glad your mum had you there.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

He'll kill you! He..He..He!
Sounds like Mum's day turned out fine ...with many thanks to you!
-And I'm taking more than enough Canola shots for both of us! Tracey

Lisa Beth said...

Oh heavens, how funny is that page?!! If looks could kill.. lol

Your mum's birthday sounds quiet and nice. Must have been so hard for her. So good of you to spend the day with her.

The canola fields sound beautiful! I miss the vast fields of spring flowers down in Texas.

Lynne said...

More tears - I'll have to stop reading at this rate!!

Thanks for causing me to smile tho' - Trevor's face certainly says more than a thousand words!!