Monday, August 29, 2011

Fly By Posting

Quick ... very quick post before I hit the sack, it's late. Monday just kind of vanished today, felt like I looked up at the clock and 5pm had rocked around oh so quickly. Mike is revamping his website and it's been a painful (but learning) process. The program he is using now is all done in html, but he's getting there ... slowly! So I'm going to have to go and drag him off the laptop in a moment.

Here's another page for the book for the boys, taken at the airport the last time we saw them. Just even saying that makes me sad. Such bittersweet photos, smiling for the camera but not really feeling like it was a smiling occasion, but I wanted to put these photos of my mum and the boys in the book because they loved their Grandma Glen. I know I WILL see them again one day, don't know when but I will. So there. Have said that up to the heavens so someone up there will hear me, surely.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now ... off ... to ... bed !


Lynne said...

Bittersweet indeed!

Hope Mike gets on top of the new program soon.

alexa said...

This is such a beautifully put together page, and very poignant. I've just found your blog, and been enjoying your lovely pages - the dunking bread in soup one is delightful too!