Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Well this is a first, attempting to blog from my iPad, we'll see how I go.

Fathers day here in Australia today. Bitter sweet for me. We had Mike's kids coming for lunch so I was busy making sure I had something yummy prepared, the perfect pavlova made, everything ready. I took a moment during the morning to just stop and think.

Think about my dad.
Think about the last time I was with him.
Think about how much I miss him.
Think about the fact he has been gone almost four years.
Think about how on earth could time go so fast.

So I said a little prayer and just knew that he would be loving the fact we had the kids, now all young adults, coming to see us and knowing he would be wanting me to enjoy the day with them and make sure Mike was King for the day. And he was. Sitting at the head of the table just beaming.

I should say that over the last few years the kids have made phone calls for fathers day, or one of them may have come out or stayed the weekend, but not all of them at once, not since they were little, and definitely not of their own idea, including a surprise visit from Mr W from Melbourne.

So, it has been a very good day. Oh and after the kids left, the King for the day had a royal snooze on the couch!

Here's some pics from today that I have scrapped already.



Lynne said...

What a lovely surprise for King Mike!

I miss my dad too! Looking at the photo of him on my blog today made both DD and I cry! It's been eighteen months and I still miss him terrribly!

alexa said...

How lovely for him! Glad there was happiness today, even it something there were sadnesses too ... Veryt nicely designed page, and gosh! you're quick!