Monday, August 8, 2011

Yet another funeral today

Yes, another funeral today, this is my fourth in about 5 or 6 weeks now. I've decided that's it, no more, not for a while anyway. Now I wouldn't normally talk in great detail about a funeral, particularly that it was the father of a dear friend here in town, but this funeral was like nothing I'd attended before. A few times that you had to laugh, which I think is a good thing at a funeral, kind of breaks the atmosphere, and such a magnificent job done by the priest.

Okay, the funny bits. It was a graveside service, now mind you it was a nice sunny winter's day but after all the rain we have had it was very soft underfoot, not to mention the cars driving into the cemetary, and there were more than a few cars that got bogged, tyres revving about in the mud, and had to be towed to drier ground by the 4WD that were there. About 100 mourners mingled and gave condolences and waited ... and waited ... and waited. No priest. He'd gotten lost. Maybe about 15 minutes after it was due to start we look up and see a white ute flying down the dirt road towards the cemetary and nearly missed the gate and pulled up with a squelch of tyres in the mud. Yep, the priest had arrived, hair flying about all over the place. Then when he spoke with an Irish accent it almost did me in. Not dissing the Irish, not by any means, but I always associated that Irish accent with comedy, probably too many times watching Jimeoin.

The service was beautiful, this retired old priest in his own way did a service like no other. All the grandchildren had something significant to put on the coffin - their grandpa's old shears, a tuft of merino fleece (the man was a shearer in the day), drawings they had done, some of his favourite chocolate, his spectacles, etc. The priest one by one gave them the microphone to tell everyone why they chose what gift they left for their grandpa and a story about him. From the youngest grandchild to the oldest. It was really moving. He had such patience because there were a LOT of grandchildren and great grandchildren to get around.

Plus there was a magnificent piper there playing too, not that I'm biased or anything. ;-)

A fitting tribute to a man who will obviously be missed by all.

Okay onto the scrapping front, I had to scrap some of the photos I took at the football the other weekend when we went to see number 1 stepson umpire. Nothing like having your own papparrazzi, is there?!



Credits Designer Digitals.

These pages will be tucked into the boy's album I'm making for him.


Polly said...

It sounds like it was a most fitting funeral for a loved man.

Lynne said...

You are in my thoughts.

It sounds like a lovely, appropriate funeral.

My FIL passed away in April. He had traditional Scottish funeral; MIL even found some Scottish thistle top put on the coffin. The sons and two of the three daughters wore kilts; the DIL's wore scarves in the clan tartan. We had a female piper (which surprised me, I don't know why). IT was a moving, at times funny, ceremony beautifully handled by the local priest.

Fiona said...

It's lovely that all the grandchildren contributed something personal to their grandfather's funeral, it's very touching and I'm sure gave them comfort.

As always your pages are a total inspiration Carol!!