Saturday, August 27, 2011

iLove iPad

I have entered into a whole new world and got myself an iPad. O--M--G how? How did they work out that one little device could give you so much enjoyment. How does it do it? I have NO idea. It's so quick and the screen is so clear. One of my friends from Designer Digitals said to me it will be my new BFF and dare I say, it is. (You know Sonia, you are my REAL LIFE BFF don't you?, this is just a machine!)

It's amazing. I can now:

  • Sit in the comfort of my loungeroom and check out the net.

  • Pin a few pins on pinterest (my latest obsession)

  • Listen to the radio in Scotland, America, Australia or Timbucktoo.

  • Play 'Words with Friends' with someone as far away as Canada or close as the next street.

  • It's tracking my weight (passworded of course so prying eyes - Mike - can't see, ha!)

  • As of this morning I have been sitting down reading the Women's Weekly on it, all fabulously interactive.

  • I have my scrap pages on it so I can show my mum before I get them printed out, she doesn't have the internet or a computer full stop so she can't see my gallery.

  • I can hook up to free wifi when away which I did from my motel room in Horsham so it kept me company.

  • I have loaded some current knitting patterns on it so no looking around to where I last left them, one click of the button and they are there.

  • And when I get stuck on a stitch I have an app now that I can key in the abbreviation and a video comes up showing me how to do it.

  • I can email from it.

  • Listen to my music on it as it's synced to my iPod.

  • Check out the recipes from the Channel 2 cooks on it, from a great app I found.

  • Open up my Yates Gardening app and work out what is going on with my plants.

  • And I can amuse myself no end with Garage Band, with blows my mind.

  • And the list goes on and I am probably using it to 1% of its ability.

  • Let's just face it ... I am SERIOUSLY IN LOVE with my iPad ! I have the world hanging out with me!

    So if anyone is on this ride that I'm on, please share some names of apps you have that you love. I don't know if I need something until someone tells me I do! hahahaha

    Still working on some photos for the book for my nephews. I love love LOVE this photograph I took covertly of Mike and Matthew, such a special relationship they have. This particular day they were visiting and I had made a huge pot of thick vegetable soup for lunch. Matt through a tanty of epic proportions, he didn't want to eat any vegetables. He wasn't going to eat a thing. I hadn't planned for this contingency but Uncle Mike to the rescue when he showed Matt that the best way to have his soup was to dunk the bread in it ... delicious! He won him over in a heartbeat, but just quietly I think if Mike said "hey let's fly to the moon" Matt would have believed that Mike had his own personal rocket ship. A bit of hero worshipping going on there.


    Credits Designer Digitals.

    What to do for the remainder of the afternoon? I know there's a vaccuum cleaner in the laundry calling my name, but so is photoshop. What to do?!?


    Polly said...

    I don't have an ipad but I do have iphone which I love!

    Fiona said...

    Photoshop is calling...forget the laundry Carol LOL!!!

    You're doing a brilliant advertising job on the ipad -hmmm, do I wait for ipad 3 - decisions...

    Lynne said...

    I'm betting Photoshop or your new "best friend" won the day!