Sunday, August 14, 2011

A lazy Sunday

It's been quite the lazy day today. Still chilly out, but the sun is shining and there are warm spots in the yard that the menagerie are sunbaking in. Just glorious. It will take more than one day of sun though to soak up the water laden yard.

I'm on a promise with the blog today. My friend Janet is too-ing and fro-ing as to who to print a scrapbook with, being that shutterfly continues to make life hard for us digi scrappers with their new interface. I recently printed a book through Blurb and was really impressed with the product. So easy to put together, the printing was just as good, if not better, the quality was superb and it came in record time too, plus the postage to Australia wasn't exhorbitant.

The thing that Janet is worried about, which worried me too was the "Matt cover". Now I was worried that the word matt meant it was a cardboard or paper kind of feeling to cover. Not so. It's not as glossy as shutterfly but still has the waterproof feel to it. It's just that it's matt. I guess much the same difference as gloss/matt photographs.

So taking photos of the latest book which I made in conjunction with my friend Tanya, a recipe book as a tribute to her mother's life, and compared it with the cover of shutterfly printed book. I think my photography skills have left much to be desired, I was aiming to show the gloss and matt, but I think they've both ended up much the same in the photo. Sorry Janet, I don't think I've been much help, but here are the comparisons anyway.


photo 02

photo 03

photo 04

Onto the digi scrap front, I have been wanting to scrap one of the traditions we attend in this town for a while. We have the annual Steptoe Auction at one of the local churches. Now I've been reliably informed that the British comedy series Steptoe & Son was remade as Sanford & Son in America, but in any case, this auction is modelled after that series.

Lots of donated usely goods (junk mostly) auctioned off with proceeds going to the church. More often than not you end up donating the prized (junk) possession back the next year for it to be auctioned off to some other poor suspecting soul, and so the cycle would continue. I took photos at the last Steptoe Auction of some of the auction goods. Yep, even a bathtub! (rusty as it was)

Must admit, the best bargains we have got over the years, Mike paid the grand price of $2 for a student desk, nothing spectacular, but it cleaned up okay and has served him well when working on his reeds. My best buy was $5 for a box full of daffodil bulbs. Now when I saw a box full, I mean a BOX FULL! About 50 daffy bulbs in a supermarket box. BARGAIN!


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now off to tend to my roast pork in the oven, it smells delicious! And do a tad more knitting. Yes Lynn! Knitting! Photographs will be forthcoming! :-)


Margaret said...

Trust the animals to find the warmest spot in the back yard, it is chilly down here also, but the sun is nice. Both books are very nice I have heard about doing this can you point me in the right dirrection please.

Lynne said...

Both books look fabulous!

Mmm! roast pork! Haven't had that since - hmm, Christmas about four years ago, and then it was cold! I must do something about that!!

Looking forward to seeing the knitting.

Polly said...

We had a roast pork too, delicious. Such a lovely day here today we spent most of it outside in the sun, can't wait for a bit more constant warm weather.

Fiona said...

I was pretty impressed with the Blurb book I got printed, cover and all and it's so easy to use I would definitely tell Janet to go with Blurb!

The Steptoe auction looks like my kind of thing, i would be sure to come home with half the junk LOL!! and my goodness, those scones look delish - yum!

janet1949 said...

Hi Carol
Thanks for posting the book for me, OMG, it looks fabulous, the colors look so vibrant and rich.. I've decided to go with Blurb this time around, as I already had 21 pages, but once you've gone over 20pages it goes into the next price bracket, for 21-(I cant remember now) so decided to do a heap more pages..
I see Fiona has used them too, Im getting excited now thinking about it, plus I just found 20% off until 31st Aug, so that'll come in handy too..

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but I couldnt remember my google password..

How many pages did the Receipe book have in the end?

I could just go one of the scones at the moment, they look divine..