Saturday, August 6, 2011

And the weekend has rolled around again...

I keep saying I can't believe how quick the time is going, this year is on warp speed for sure. Plus it's been a busy week.

Last Monday I went to a very moving police funeral of one of the dear Sergeants I have had the pleasure of knowing for 22 years. He was not only a gentlemen, but a gentle man. I've never known someone so gracious and giving. And if there's a lesson to be learned from all of this, is not to wait until tomorrow to do and say what you need to today.

I've borrowed a photo from the newspaper which I have linked up to the article. If you've never been to a police funeral I can tell you it's the most moving tribute, to see a guard of honour stretch out and salute as the hearst goes by. But the thing that choked me up the most on this day is that they then took this great man on a final patrol of his town, flanked by motor cycle police with their lights flashing, up and down all the residential streets he had patrolled for the last 22 years. What an honour to have been there to say goodbye to a man who was so incredibly respected.


The funerals I have been to lately have really made me sit back and take stock. I attended the funeral of my Aunty Mavis a few weeks prior. Not really my Aunty but because of our age difference I called her that. She was my dad's cousin. It's really made me appreciate the here and now. I usually wear my heart on my sleeve at the best of times, I'm going to be unbearable now.


Credits Designer Digitals.

And dare I even say I am attending yet another funeral this coming Monday, the father of a dear friend of mine in town, one of the girls that I go away with once a year, passed away, so I will be there for her. I know it's part of life's cycle but fair go, there's just too much death around at the moment.

In amongst all this sadness though, during the week I took delivery of my new iPad. I was told it would be my newest best friend. You're not wrong! (okay Sonia, you know I don't mean that, you are still my very VERY best friend). I've had such fun setting it up, and the information out there to be had, oh my goodness. I'm still working my way through the apps I want to install, I don't want to just fill it with crap. I will write another blog post soon with what I have installed because I'm finding the whole exercise quite fascinating and how handy this device is going to be, not just for entertainment, but for every day use.

And with that I do believe lunch awaits. Well it doesn't actually await, I'll have to make it, but just ham, cheese and pickle sandwiches today I think. Left over curry tonight for dinner, yay! I don't have to cook, and it will taste even better. I think I've got today's food planned quite nicely.


esther_a said...

So now you can google your recipes and have the iPad sitting there as you cook...
I hope you can do a blog post about all the wonderful ways you have found to use your iPad. I'd love to read that!

Lynne said...

An iPad sounds like a lot of fun - just what you sound like you need right now.

Polly said...

Im so sorry that you have lost so many people in your life lately Carol.

I hope that you love the Ipad, sounds fabulous!