Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday night laugh of the week !

I'd love to start a regular segment, but you know me, I'm a bit hit and miss with the blog.

Today after quite a trying and stressful week, the funniest thing happened. Not that I'm prone to talking about my work, but late this afternoon we got an email from a lass up in one of the Melbourne offices, she had sent to all HR areas across the state, just to let us know something was awry on our computer system.

I nearly fell about on the floor laughing when I read her last line ...

"We apologise for any incontinence that may occur."

Actually I DID fall about on the floor laughing when I read it. I laughed until my sides hurt. I laughed until I had tears. It probably wasn't THAT funny, but like I said it had been a stressful week and this was the cherry on top that broke all that pent up stress. Both myself and the lady I share an office with I think laughed a good ten minutes.

Onto other things...

Last time we had the two eldest here for a visit I grabbed the opportunity, never one to miss an opportunity am I? And told them they weren't allowed to leave until I got the obligatory photograph. Love love love this photo of Mike and his two eldest. What happened to these little children I first me around 10 years ago? It's scary that time flies like it does.


Credits here.

Well time for a cuppa and a bit of knitting I do believe. I have a few projects on the go :-)


Fiona said...

Love the story Carol ROFLOL!!! Poor girl, can you imagine how embarrassed she is going to be when she realises what she's done!!!

That's a fabulous photograph of the family and beautifully scrapped!

esther_a said...

A comment like that is liable to MAKE one incontinent!! What a funny story and great pressure reliever!

Lynne said...

Knitting? Did you say knitting? (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

That was a funny sentence - I wonder if she even realises what she wrote?