Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beee-you-ti-ful Day!

Finally FINALLY a sunny day. It's still chilly out, but the sky is as blue as blue as blue, it's a sight to behold. I'm waxing a bit lyrical here I guess, but after all the rain and grey we've had, I'm savouring this. The menagerie, all three of them, have been out sunbaking and basking in the sun and it's just lovely. Mike has gone bush today with some friends, but he'll be back tonight (that's if he doesn't get bogged up there), and I've just lolled about, a bit of gardening, a bit of scrapping, a bit of knitting, it's been glorious.

Wednesday afternoon I went up to Horsham for work and not back until yesterday. It's been cold and bleak during that time, but I've got to know a lot more people in the bigger picture at work. Long days training, very heavy eyes. They fed us well though, can't complain there! And a lovely social night on Thursday night where I got to network more. I'm so mindful with work functions, you spend a lifetime at work building up an integrity and it can be lost in a moment at an out of hours work function. I behaved very well. Actually I was a cheap shout, I was only drinking lemonade! ha.

I was about to post a page about my shadow, and she just walked in and sat beside me and put her paw up on my leg. Yes, she certainly is my shadow and more so as she is getting older. I got Mike to take a photo of my girl and me last weekend, and okay this is a little bit obsessive, but being that I wanted to scrap with purple, I made sure I wore my purple jumper! haha. Nothing like it huh? Planning clothes around a scrapbook page.

Mike keeps telling me I have to prepare myself for one of these days, my Molly won't be around. I can't even bear thinking about it. I just see Molly, I forget the fact she's 12 (maybe more). She's an old geriatric lady and I've never known unconditional love quite like this. She definitely is the poster girl as to why everybody should have a dog.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Shhh ... don't tell Lucky, he thinks he's my favourite! Actually that's given me the giggles, I should grab the out takes of this photo to show you. Trying to get a photo of me and Molly on our own was quite difficult as Lucky kept jumping up trying to get in the pic.

Off to enjoy more sunshine. Roll on Spring.


Chocolate Cat said...

Beautiful sunny day today and another predicted for tomorrow!! Hurray! Love the photo of you and Miss Molly!

Lynne said...

Everybody sing:
"Just Molly and Me, and Lucky makes three, we're happy in blue sky heaven!" LOL

Fiona said...

I'm glad you are finally getting some warm sunny weather carol. You do know that your winter is probably the same temperature as our summer Lol!

Lovely picture of you and Molly, and a beautiful page to boot!