Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miffed !

Well tonight was the night, Masterchef Finale. Couldn't wait. All afternoon I've thought about it. Making dinner I thought about it. Eating dinner, watching the Sunday night program on whatever channel it was on because there was nothing better to watch, sitting there watching a story about Jack flipping Vidgeon, who cares, I wanted to see who won Masterchef. Hurry up 7.30. Planning the night, knitting and watching the finale. It was 7.25, just finished the dishes, asked Mike to switch over to channel 10.

To what?

To them giving out the scores, that's what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the flip happened?!?!?!?! They started it at 6.30!!!!! Yes I am using an abundance of exclamation marks because for the next 10 minutes that's exactly how I talked. Plus in a higher than normal pitched voice.

So what the heck kind of finale is this? They show an hour, split in the middle by another tv show, and then the rest of the finale is at 8.30? Are the seriously playing with our heads.

SHAME MASTERCHEF SHAME. And a few of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for good measure.

Going to calm down now and share a page I did of one of my sweet nephews with his dog, which they sadly left here in Australia when they went back to America. A picture like this simply has to calm me, look at Miss Nelli sitting there wide awake while young Matthew sleeps, exhausted from playing with her. Her little paw resting on his arm. Is that the sweetest thing you've seen? Sweet innocence I tell you, this could be the poster advertising sweet innocence.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Okay, it's 8.27pm, at least I get this last split hour. Who will win????


esther_a said...

We had major discontent at our house, too! The program was set to tape - but no-one knew it was starting early. Playing with our heads indeed.
I'm not going to say who I think should win in case I moz her! ;)

Margaret said...

The Blue Boy could go on a Chocolate Box.

I see you were miffed.

Polly said...

I think it was completely ridiculous. A grab to get people watching the removators I think, well they lost me well and truly.

Lynne said...

It was one fo the topics of conversation (and criticism) in my quilting class this morning!

I hope you approved of the winner after all that!