Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh what a night

APPARENTLY I snored the night before last. I say apparently because who really knows. Mike says he tries to wake me up, he says I wake up, talk to him, then promptly go back to sleep and snore again. I have no memory of it. And it doesn't happen every night, I dare say it's only when I'm really tired.

So about 1.30am he ended up getting up and going and sleeping on the couch. How come not the spare room with a lovely comfy double bed? Errr, he said I was reverberating through the wall. Oh dear.

I was on an earlier start than normal so I was up at 6.15 so gently woke him to go back into the bedroom as I was going to have to put the light on out in the lounge/kitchen/dining area. He groggily grabbed the sleeping bag and stumbled up the passageway to the bedroom. Behind him I closed the door to almost shut so as the light didn't shine in.

Next thing there was a crash bang whallop. He had walked into the post of the bed, whacked his thigh on the post, tried to stumble back out to the passageway in the light, didn't realise the door was shut and it sprang open as he walked into it, it flew opened, hit the stopper and then flew shut back in his face nearly knocking him out.

All because of my snoring APPARENTLY!

Last night I gave him 10 minutes head start to get to sleep before I slipped into bed, just in case.

Ahhh, the joys of marriage.

Another page for my nephews book for Christmas. Not the best photos in the world but memories of a very fun day. The first Easter Egg hunt I had plotted and planned, Easter eggs all round the front yard, squealing boys running from plants to trees to letterbox to fence palings to watering cans. So much fun. I do hope they remember the times like this, all the more reason to get these pages into the book for them.


Credits Designer Digitals. Love these Layer Works by Studio DD, pick your colours, add the photos, perhaps a few more elements and call it done.

Okay time to get the dogs out for the final time tonight before settling down to sleep. Although Molly has beat me to it, she's asleep at my feet as I type this.


Lynne said...

Poor Mike! he has been in the wars, hasn't he?

Your posts are always lovely to read but it's been so nice to read your extra posts this week.

Susie Roberts said...

Oh, Carol that's hilarious!! All I can say is, thank goodness my husband is deaf! He can't hear a thing once he takes his hearing aids out! I'm sure we'd be sleeping in separate bedrooms every night otherwise!

Fiona said...

Colin accuses me of snoring when I've had one or two glasses of wine but I don't believe a word of it - snort!!

Can't believe Mike nearly landed in A & E because of your snoring LOL!!!