Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a blanket of stars up there

It's 10pm and the G man is just about home, he texted me about half an hour ago that he was leaving so by my calcs he's got about 20 mins left. As he's driving through bushland, I always get him to text me when he leaves, so I know if he goes way over that time, he may have come a cropper with a kangaroo or the like on the road. That's when I can start worrying.

So I just went out to open the gates and I stood there for a good five minutes just looking up. The stars are magnificent. It's like a blanket of twinkling lights. No city lights where I live interfering with the view. It's just a black sky that goes on forever dotted with a sea of twinkles. It's absolutely gorgeous. And makes you feel quite insignificant.

So there's my ramblings for tonight, ha!

Another page here for the book I'm putting together for my nephews of their time spent down here. A bit of an unrealistic view of Australia I'm afraid, I've never even been that close to a kangaroo. Oh well. Lots of fun photographs for them on this page. Plus Pattie Knox's fabulous rendition of a big red roo in the bottom corner!


Credits here.

The weeks are going way too fast for my liking. I did a bit of online shopping recently and a parcel came today. Dare I say, they were some Christmas presents I had purchased!

Speaking of Christmas, I kid you not, Target had Christmas decorations in store last week. NO KIDDING AROUND HERE! Can you believe that ?!?!?! Of course I nabbed one! hahahahahaha Every year I buy a Hallmark dated ornament and they had the display of those so I made sure I got in before everyone else got the good ones.

But really Mr. Target ... don't you think it's just a tad too early?


ksharonk said...

I've been waiting for that first Christmas deco to pop up in the stores ... isn't it sad that it's only August? I'm just going to pretend that you didn't tell me, lol, and live in my fantasy world that Christmas fun starts in December! :)

Lynne said...

They could at least wait until after Fathers' Day!

That being said, there were hot cross buns for sale in Coles in late January. Easter, as you may remember, was late April this year!

Chocolate Cat said...

Yes it is a tad early!! I must admit I have started thinking about it though....maybe I will be a little more organised this year!

Polly said...

I do love a sky full of stars xx