Sunday, July 31, 2011

A proud papa !

We went to Ballarat today to watch Wes umpire a TAC match. Can we say ... sooooooo proud! I don't know how Wes felt to have his own personal papparrazzi but I think I took over 100 photographs. Hmmm, the only thing with goal umpiring photographs is that most are from the back or at the very least the side. Oh well.

Such a nice day. I was fearing the worst and got out the thermal underwear! You know Ballarat, cold and wet. But it was a lovely crisp day with a blue sky. Sure, still needed the scarf and coat, but it was just lovely.

Before the match Wes met with an AFL goal umpire who was giving him some tips and who watched throughout the match and spoke to him again at half time and at the end with some observations. Advice like that is pure gold to Wes and he'll take everything on board and run with it.

Here's one of the photos I took near the end, can someone say ... a proud dad?


Mike really did need to be educated in the art of watching a local football match though. Best place to park around the ground, etc. This is how I grew up, following dad around umpiring the local matches. Every single Saturday we'd be parked at some ground around Geelong and the coast, watching dad, eating our pie out of a paper bag, mum with a thermos of hot chocolate in the car, horns blazing when a goal was kicked. The look of shock that Mike gave me when I started tooting the horn at one stage. Yep, the poor man really needed to be educated.


Lynne said...

Obviously a proud dad who's very grateful for his education!

esther_a said...

Looks like you even had a lovely sunny day! Lucky you!

Polly said...

oh yes, where you park is certainly a very important factor in the days proceedings. And look at the proud dad, love it!

Simply Vixen said...

am trying to catch up in the blogosphere, am always delighted to visit with you!

your photos delight me, and your pages inspire me, I like that: consistency, wish I had a little of it in my life lol

it's been fun, as usual
we need to do lunch, or something
you really do need to email tho gf
stay warm!
hugs, deb :)