Saturday, June 5, 2010

Excuse my absence

I keep going missing don't I? I have had the week from hell, combined with this chesty thing. The runny nose and sneezing turned into a tickling throaty chesty cough. Oh so attractive. Monday afternoon saw me travel to Bendigo for (what I like to call) a work "love in". LOL A team building workshop with other offices in our Region. It's good to network and I do enjoy these things, but not when I'm not feeling 100 percent. It was a two nighter and I came back Wednesday afternoon. Thursday at work without my cohort in the office and it was a nightmare. I got to the end of the day realising I hadn't had lunch, heck, I hadn't even turned on the radio. Then Friday I had to go to training in Melbourne, so left the house at 5.30am and didn't step back in the back door until 10pm. Urrrgh. I hate that early morning train to Melbourne and the last one back.

So this weekend I'm taking it waaaaay easy. Trevor, Kim and the boys came down and well, Nelli is now theirs. They have taken their little girl home. Oh she is adorable. I must admit though when we brought her back here before they headed home, she cried a lot, most interested in Lucky and Molly looking through the glass door and then promptly took herself off to the crate they had and went to sleep. Trevor said she slept all the way home. She's explored her new home, the boys are absolutely besotted with her, their cat Bowie isn't fussed which is a good thing because Bowie can be a mean old thing, and when Trevor rang before he said she's quite enjoying herself curled up on the couch with them.

Hopefully it will be an uneventful night for them all.

I also wonder what it must be like for the mother dog losing her puppies like this when they go to new homes? Our friends said when the first puppy left, Lucy dog walked half way up the drive and watched the car pull away. Oh talk about pull at your heart strings. There's only one puppy of the five left now and he looked to be going that afternoon. Four went to locals and Nelli to my brother and family, so Nelli is further afield than her siblings.

Lets hope there are years and years of happiness for them. As much joy as I get with Molly and Lucky.

I did take some photos today, but I'm still showing you the photos of when they first met. Here's David meeting her for the first time. Oh and David, what a special boy he is. He came up to me in the kitchen after lunch and threw his arms around me and said "Oh thank you Aunty Carol for thinking of us when your friend's dog had puppies, I love Nelli so much". WOW! I was touched.


Using the fabulous new Nostalgia kit, a collaboration between creashens and paislee press with stitches there by Anna Aspnes.

Mike has gone camping this weekend, he said earlier it's been damp but hopefully not as wet as it has been here today. Hopefully he'll find some gold so it will make his camping trip more fun. More than likely he'll catch a cold.

Number one step-son called in before on his way through back home. It's so nice that just he and I can sit and chat and have a coffee and talk about all sorts of things. I remember when I first met Mike, Mr. W was just a young boy, and now here he is a man of 20. Where have the years gone.

Now off to do a bit of couch luging! LOL and a hot drink, and then bed.


Lynne said...

I am not, as I've said before, a dog love but poor mummy dog! My heart aches for her!

Get well soon and take some time off if you need to - you were far too busy last week! A hot drink, a warm room, a soft blankie and some knitting is my prescription!

Lynne said...

Of course, that should say: I'm not a dog lover!