Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cough cough

Still coughing here, aren't you just thrilled with my coughing updates. I just can't shake it. But after tomorrow a 4 day weekend for me, so I'm hoping to throw it one way or another. Queens Birthday public hol on Monday, all hail Queen Lizzie, I just may make a cake in her honour, and an RDO on Tuesday. After all the late nights at work I really need this mini-break.

Mike is feeling a lot better, he felt quite sore in the chest for a few days, but his appetite is definitely back, in fact he is eating Pringles right now, ha.

Miss Nelli is fitting in nicely at my brother's home, although he is at his wits end with house training. I sent him some good links from the Dog Whisperer earlier, they've obviously been doing it all wrong. I have no idea mind you, I've never had a dog at the puppy stage. They gave up the first night with the crying fairly well straight away. My brother is a bit of a throw the towel in kind of guy I must admit. So Miss Nelli is sleeping on David's bed. I told them to start as they mean to go on. But the minute she's on his bed she snuggles up and goes straight to sleep.

I can't talk mind you, Lucky starts off in his bed but some time during the night, I think he keeps one eye open waiting for us to fall asleep, he jumps up and snuggles down. Never under the blankets though, I couldn't do that. He just loves to curl up in the outline our bodies make under the doona. He's such a people dog.

I recently had the good fortune to play with Sharon's new Vintage papers available at twolittlepixels. What a treat to go through some old photos until I found this one of my grandma when she was a young girl. I can see from the face this is definitely my grandma, but I find it hard to equate this young woman with the petticoat wearing very proper woman that I grew up knowing. But I love that she had this side of her, game enough to get photographed in her bathers on the beach, love the bathing cap too!


Roll on tomorrow, I'm ready to be done with you and then enjoying my 4 day break!


esther_a said...

I get a 5 day break, lol! ;)
Having had to house train a rabbit I have a new appreciation of what it must be like to house train a puppy!!
I'm glad Mike's feeling better and I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy your break!

Lynne said...

I'm just catching up with blogs because WM and I went away for four days to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains - it was cold but a good break!

Hope you enjoyed yours and that your cough is gone now. Also hope that Mike is improving.