Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend is nearly over :-(

I don't like Sunday evenings, it means my lovely weekend is nearly over. Although there is the up side and Masterchef will be on tonight. But still, nearly time to get the work clothes set out again ready for Monday. :-(

The weekend has flown by. Mike went down to Ocean Grove on Saturday to help his sister and family move house. They will soon be building a new home but for the meantime their house has been sold and they were moving temporarily. He came home last night tired with his car limping home, he's been having trouble with the fuel pump? something like that. Oh dear. More money to spend on cars.

I stayed home here, keeping a close eye on the girl. She's letting me touch her paw now, very very gently, so hopefully she's not feeling so poorly with it. Although she's still licking it. So I watched a whole Season back to back of Sex and the City on DVD, while sewing at the kitchen table, and scrapping between episodes. What a lovely Saturday.

And right now I have the most delicious smell throughout the house. A casserole is cooking, chicken, leek, bacon, mushroom and thyme. How wonderful a combination of food. A new recipe, I get so inspired by Masterchef, I'm actually making some of the recipes I tear out of magazines, which is a really bad habit I have.

I just loved this green in cherpea's new In Behind paper pack at twolittlepixels. I think it shows off Lucky who was showing off to the camera when I put his new collar on him. Ha! He's a clever dog, he knows the right moves when the camera comes out.


Credits here.

Okay off to set the table for dinner and get ready for a feast. YUM.


Polly said...

Carol - I have 3 folders full of recipes i have torn out of magazines, so I understand the bad habit!! I am trying to work my way through them before I add anymore!!

Calico said...

That layout is precious, Carol! He is indeed proud of his new collar!
Glad to hear Molly is slowly on the mend. Your dinner sounds divine!

Amandac said...

You know that dinner sounds LOVELY! I could almost smell it - and how cute does Lucky look in his new collar! I think every side is his best side Carol lol. I am always amazed at the clean beauty of your pages - I still want to be you when I grow up :)