Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain and c-c-cold

It's raining up a storm out there and quite windy right now and this morning was so cold. It made me laugh when on the way to work I was listening to the radio and they were saying in Melbourne it got down to 4 degrees! Oh the horror of it all. I went out this morning and it was -2 outside. Although I'd like to experience snow, I do feel lucky that we don't get the very cold temperatures that our northern hemisphere friends do. I can't imagine having to plan my day around shovelling out the driveway. No ducking down the street to grab some milk. That kind of thing.

Started sewing Miss B's quilt yesterday and quite pleased with it. I'm doing it very plain. Just 8 inch blocks but on both sides. I saw a quilt in the Ezybuy catalogue which was done like this (mass produced, I know) but it looked really nice. I'll get a lovely quilted stitch on top and job's done. Apple green, LOL.

I had mentioned I was playing along at Designer Digitals with the All About Me challenge so here's another page. This was about where we came from, what our childhood was like. It was fun going through some of the old photos, which I'd recently gone through anyway when I did our family album some time back. I've deleted some of the more identifying mentions in this page, like my home address, family surname, etc. so that is where the gaps were.


Time for bed, another huge day at work tomorrow, the end still is not in sight.

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Lynne said...

It's nice to have all those childhood memories in one place.

I agree with not wanting to live where snow is "normal"! It's nice to visit once every few years but daily - erk!