Monday, June 7, 2010

Well ...

I mentioned last post that Mike went camping on the weekend and thought the most he would catch would probably be a worse cold than he already had. I was wrong. He caught a mammoth case of food poisoning, which involved his best mate from here and I hightailing it in the afternoon up to Ararat to go and find him and bring him home, he was so bad he couldn't drive.

Just trying to work out where he was was no mean feat, I had to google map him as he was out bush. But he was able to make his way down to the highway, but when we pulled up he was doubled over, weak, shaking, sweating and could hardly walk.

Seems possibly a bad burger from the night before from a chicken establishment was the offending item. He was okay when he went to bed that night, but on rising and going to put the billy on for a cuppa it hit him, and hit him hard.

Now my husband doesn't often ask for help. He's his own man and whilst he'll be available to anyone and first in line for them should they need him, he doesn't often ask for himself. So for him to get us to drive nearly 3 hour round trip to come and get him was a very big deal for him to ask. And how wonderful that we have friends that when I put the call out to help, his mate would drop everything and drive me to Ararat so that I could drive Mike's car home. Friends like that are pure gold.

He's still not quite right, says he feels like a truck hit him, but has eaten some dinner tonight so that's at least good.

Okay so I'm still on the puppy bandwagon. I spent a lovely morning a few weeks ago just out in the yard with them running all over the place, tripping over their feet, playing and letting my camera fly. And what a shot I got with this little man, one of Nelli's brothers, the biggest of all the puppies, but the biggest sook too. You couldn't pose him any better than this, sheer fluke. There is really something quite magical when you get the perfect puppy shot.


Credits here.

Now come on Lynne, this does melt your heart doesn't it??? LOL You want one, don't you? By the way, thanks for the well wishes but I'm still coughing, yesterday didn't help much!

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Lynne said...

He is cute but no, I don't want one! We do not have a dog-friendly yard - not a blade of grass on it to start with! Although he might find the sand pit (otherwise known as a bolle court) and the fish pond very interesting! Not to mention the swimming pool if he could get inside the fence (which, being so little, of course he could).

You side-tracked me! Hope both of you get well soon. Poor ol' Mike.