Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday blues

Gosh we've all got the Sunday blues here today.

Mike has nodded off on the couch, he was up early and off to the nursing home here in town, same as he did yesterday. They've put the call out for volunteers to help them, they've had a gastro epidemic in the nursing home with many of their usual volunteers out sick too, so they needed people to be disinfecting the hand rails and surfaces so that the gastro doesn't spread further than it does. We have a top notch nursing home here in town so Mike was happy to help. Funny yesterday, as he was cleaning some railings he accidentally knocked the emergency button. He said that people ran from every which way (thinking he was a resident in distress).

Molly and Lucky are snoozing by the fireplace, it's so cold and damp here today, it hasn't rained, but everything is just soggy.

I did pop down to the plant shop down the street though and have bought a Chinese Lantern. I've wanted one of these for ages, so cross fingers it will take off, a lovely peach coloured one. Anyone have one? Any tips for me?

So okay yet another puppy page, I've made sure I've taken photos of each member of the family holding their sweet little girl. Puppies grow up way too quick, and even though this is going to be a small dog, it won't look so babyish for long. My nephew Matthew has never had a dog before, and to be honest I don't know if he quite knew how to hold one. Nelli is looking a wee bit nervous too!!


Credits here.

To be honest, if I never get to take another photo in my whole life, this would be the one I would be most happy with. I think I've caught the moment and the photo just had to stay big like that.

So plans for the afternoon, a bit of scrapping, a bit of sewing, and making shepherds pie for dinner. Hope your long weekend is enjoyable.


Calico said...

Carol, I've been enjoying your puppy pages so much and this one is the icing on the cake! Adorable photo!!!

Margaret said...

Photography - I dont know how to put it but to say that aphotos is a keepsake forever. Something to cherish. And I agree this photo will hold so many memories.

Polly said...

Good for Mike.

What an adorable picture - I can see why you love it so.

Lynne said...

It is indeed a gorgeous photo.