Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I came down to earth with a thud tonight

I have been on an imposed savings plan this past week and a bit. I had a phone call from my bank that one of the overseas vendors I have dealt with over the past 12 months, but she wasn't able to tell me which one, well they had had their system "compromised" and they couldn't assure me that my credit card details were safe. So my bank cancelled my card and I've been patiently awaiting my new one.

Luckily I already had some cash out, but what a pain. I actually had to ask Mike for some money for petrol on the weekend, I hated that! I've always been so self-sufficient, even after we married.

So today my shiny new credit card arrived, I took it out of the envelope, it was so sleek and shiny and I was dancing around with it - yay it had arrived. Until I stopped and looked. Have you noticed the extended end date on credit cards now. I quickly did the calculations. OMG, I am going to be ... 50! by the time this credit card expires, which strangely doesn't feel so far in the future now. Eeeeeek.

Roadside Designs are making these amazing templates to play with, full of lots of goodies you can then take and use on other pages, such value for money. And play I did. A recent visit by my brother and family had me packing up a picnic and we took them to the local lake for lunch. I did have an ulterior motive, wanting to take a nice photo of the four of them together. Method in my madness, ply them with food and then click!


Along with the template, also using this fabulous Flip Flop kit by creashens.

Such a rainy rainy night, it hasn't stopped tonight. But it will be nice going to bed and hearing the rain hit on the roof while we're snug under the doona.

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