Monday, June 28, 2010

The Great Cooking Debacle

Why is it when Masterchef is on, I feel like I can jump mountains myself, or at least jump a highly placed stack of cooking utensils in a single leap?

A group of friends and I set ourselves a task from the great Stephanie Alexander cook book every so often, one of us picks a recipe from the book and the majority of us try it out and compare. It was my turn. I picked some mumbo-jumbo-sweet-potato-coconut-flavoured-raisin-added-brown-sugared-laidened-pudding. And it was a disaster. It was sweet, OMG it was soooooo sweet that it made our teeth hurt. Mike made a valiant effort and got through 3/4 of his dish, I only got through half and the rest ended up in a soggy mess in the bin.


I followed the recipe to a tee, but I'm so hit or miss with my cooking it's possible I stuffed up. But I'm still not sure how it can purport to be a pudding when there was no flour in it. In any case Mike says this rivals the great sago pudding disaster of '03, where you could probably have tiled a kitchen or render a house with the consistency of that pudding. So this one didn't quite overtake it to first spot, but it rivalled it none the less.

On the scrapping front, [ksharonkdesigns] has some fabulous new simple sets for the photo a day people, and besides which they work well when displaying photographs for pages, whether doing photo a day or not. I had mentioned previously about planting my first garden, so my first efforts fit perfectly with this template.


Credits here.


Chocolate Cat said...

Sorry but I'm kind of glad this happens to someone else occassionally!! I was so disappointed with the 'chocolate caramel tart' I made for Mums birthday last month, took all day and was not that great!!! Am trying a new flourless chocolate cake recipe today, wish me luck!!!

amson said...

Carol, the pudding looks so good in the photo. How could it not taste that way or are you just a brilliant photographer? With our diet we have no grain so I am having to be very inventive especially for baking.

Sharon said...

Looks pretty yummy in your photo! And your layout is so fresh and pretty ... beautiful! :)