Friday, May 28, 2010

What a non day this has been

I was on an RDO today so wasn't going to work anyway, but slept solidly SOLIDLY until 10am this morning. That never happens. Woke with such a heavy head, but now the sneezing has made it's way to my chest and now I've got the whole broken cough thing, and every time I cough my head aches. Crawled back to bed at 1 in the afternoon and dozed on and off until 3pm. I ended up waking to find Lucky laying flat out on the bed beside me fast asleep and Molly laying on the floor as close as possible to the bed that she could. And they say animals aren't smart? I think they were being as sympathetic as they could.

Even now as I'm on the computer, Molly is laying right at my feet, not leaving my side.

What a difference a couple of weeks makes, these photographs were from last weekend when I went to visit Miss Nelli and take some progress photos of her to send to my brother. He can't wait until she comes home with him.


Credits here. Looks like I've really worked hard to put this page together doesn't it? So many different elements and shading and placements. Errr, well Roadside Designs has done the hard work, truly. Go check them out here. The templates are fabulous, lots of goodies to play with not only on the template but to drag onto your other pages. Lots of value.

And with that I do believe my bed is calling, how I can possibly be tired with all the sleep I had today is beyond me, but my eyes are drooping. G'night!


Lynne said...

Puppies grow up even faster than babies!

Get well soon.

Polly said...

I hope you feel better soon C. Flu is no fun at all.