Saturday, June 12, 2010

A long - long weekend

Loving that it's a long weekend, plus I have Tuesday off too, four days to try to get over this chesty thing, it will be worth it. I had such high hopes for this weekend too, I was going to pull some weeks from the garden (not going to happen, it's been raining today), I was going to scrap, haven't really done much of that either. I did however put a pot of soup on which is nearly done, pea and ham, yum!

I came home from work yesterday to smell a bakery in the house, Mike had pulled out the bread maker which we haven't used in probably about 5 years, and had made an amazingly good loaf of bread, I'd forgotten just how good home made bread tasted. We were given the breadmaker by his parents for our wedding and the first year we used it all the time. Then gradually less and less until it went back in the cupboard never to see the light of day until yesterday.

YUM! So the remainder of that loaf will be soaking up our soup tonight.

I got an email the other day from the young daughter of one of my friends here in town. The family who has Lucy dog who had the puppies. Of course it's hard not to have favourites and young Keely did have a favourite and apparently cried all night when her favourite went to her "forever home".

So anyway the email went something like this: "Dear Carol. Could you please do a pitcher of Tubby for me. From Keely".

So of course I obliged (once I found out which one Tubby was from the photos I had taken) and this is the pitcher!! helped of course by another fabulous template from Roadside Designs.


Credits here.

Plans for tonight: stay in lovely warm loungeroom with fireplace pumping, cut out material for step-daughter no.2's quilt I'm planning on making for her 18th birthday. Her favourite colour is lime green. Mmmmm, as much as I tried I couldn't find lime green material that I could stomach sewing. So I've chosen a lovely apple green material, mixed with blues and browns. That's close enough surely? The green will be the dominant colour.

Please tell me apple green is close enough to lime green. They're both fruits after all! LOL


Amandac said...

That is a lovely page for Keely Carol! I am sure that she will feel much better after reading the sweet word you wrote for her. Sorry to hear your chesty thing is dragging on .. I know what thats like. Tasha has had a cold for the past two weeks and it has gone down onto her chest - yuck!

And I think that apple green and lime green are definitely close enough lol! Good luck cutting up your material! It's going to be another gorgeous quilt!

And big hugs for all your support too - I can't tell you how much it means to me {hugs}

Lynne said...

Poor Keely - I hope she loves the photo you sent her.

Lime green - apple green; I'm sure she'll recoginse the love put into it!