Monday, December 28, 2009

The self-timer

So Christmas Day this year I wanted to get a photograph of Mike and I. It was a really nice day, I grabbed the hats, the tripod, one stool type chair to share (big mistake), and the camera and into the backyard we went. Mike indulged me, yeah right, as if he had a chance!

So I set everything up, focussed in on Mike, told him to get ready, the camera started bleeping and snap. Not ready, his arm is in mid air about to go round me. Either that or he thought I might like a whiff of the new body spray that his sister gave him! So try try again. Silly faces, kisses with his eyes wide open, is that man ever serious? Until the ultimate happened, I pressed the button, the camera started bleeping and I ran to take my position and didn't quite sit properly on my side of the stool and over I toppled. Well at least my hand got in that shot!

So finally got the shot I was hoping for and not a double chin in sight! Thank heavens for small mercies. Oh and note the reddish highlights for Christmas, courtesy of my hairdresser!



Credits here.

Well I supposed I should start to think about what I can rustle up for dinner. I think there's some tandoori chicken wings in the freezer, I think just picking over those for dinner will be the order of the night.

Back to work tomorrow!


Polly said...

a great series carol, you too are just so much fun!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love these photos especially the 'funny' ones!!! More wonderful memories.

Calico said...

What a hoot! Love the layouts, Carol!

Victoria said...

The story behind the photos is just a hoot! I'm so glad I stopped by today! My belated Merry Christmas to all of you.

Amandac said...

I'm still smiling over the photo shoot story - the pics turned out beautifully in the end though and seriously ....laughter is wonderful!!

Sarah said...

i love these! that is the perfect photo shoot. full of personality. and the last one you were "waiting" for is lovely.

hope y'all cool off soon! i wish i could send you some of this bizarre sub-freezing Louisiana weather to help out.

Sarah (dugarner)

Michael Taylor said...

These are great photos and as ussual you did a great job on the layouts.