Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still rocking along

Still rocking along with the Christmas pages, still have a few other Christmas avenues to scrap though, so bear with me.

How tired is everyone from Christmas? I can't believe that one day can knock a person around so much. Today, two days later, I'm still exhausted, in fact had a bit of a granny nap on the bed this afternoon, only woke up because I was being nuzzled by a funny little dog giving me kisses! ha. Still tomorrow off here in this neck of the woods, don't go back to work until Tuesday, so one more day to recover.

Back to the Christmas pages, here's the next instalment. Firstly some of my very dear friends who I used to work with. We get together a couple of times a year, and lately have been having beading weekends, where we all pile in at Miss K's house and Miss N teaches us to bead, we stay the night, and very much enjoy each other's friendship. This particular day Miss N was teaching us to bead decorations for Christmas, and the theme was to wear a Christmas hat.


Not to be outdone on the facing page, another of Mike in the Christmas parade with Santa. Mike was an elf this year on Santa's float. I use the word "float" loosely, it was actually a trailer hooked up to the back of a ute! ha. That's how we do things in the country, right.


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Victoria said...

Mike in the elf costume is a classic, indeed. I like the "float" set up. It sounds like something my stepdad would do with his trailer and Jeep.