Monday, December 14, 2009

Older and wiser

Well the man is now another year older and another year wiser perhaps. Birthday pav did not last long. We have his nephew with us at the moment so Mike was a little bit (privately) miffed he had to share with another person besides me, he loves the leftovers the next day. Ahh but he didn't do too badly, he still got his leftovers, albeit smaller than usual.

Here's another one of my December Daily Christmas pages, the menagerie needed to get in on this album too, naturally!



Credits here.

That picture of Lucky was taken this year, what a little trooper he was. Although out of a stack of photos I took, there was always something about each one. Yes the body was good but the eyes were shut. He's smiling, but he moved and is blurry. His face looks cute but his tongue is poked out. Always something. So with a bit of photoshop magic I merged the smile from one photo on the head and body stance of the other. Not bad huh?


Sharon said...

They all look remarkably happy to be involved in the family photo shoot!!! :)

Calico said...

Fabulous layouts and awesome job on the photoshoppin'!!