Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas night

Well the big day has come and almost gone. We've eaten way too much, and it's only 9pm and soooooo tired. Even as an adult it's such a huge day, the build up, the meal, the amazing dessert. Oh my goodness, pictures forthcoming, I made Nigella's chocolate pav again and this time topped it with strawberries and blueberries. The remainder is sitting in the fridge tempting me, but honestly there's not one spare inch of room to fit it in!

Christmas Eve was lovely. We went to church. That's not a usual occurrence in this house but during the week I had said to Mike that I would like to go to church on Christmas Eve and funnily enough he had had the same thought. So hand in hand we walked to our local church where we found four seats to sit with our dear friends. It ended up standing room only and was such a lovely service, also singing Carols. Needless to say I got so overly emotional and the tears flowed during Oh Come all Ye Faithful. I was probably the only person in tears in the whole church, it's meant to be such a happy time. I guess I thought of my dad and it all got too much.

We came home to have Mike make the famous Christmas phone calls. Oh such fun. Especially when Mike kind of forgot where Santa lived and said he was calling from the South Pole, only to be corrected quite politely by my bestie's daughter. Mike quickly recovered and said he had a workshop in the South Pole for the toys he made for the Australian kiddies. Half an hour of phone calls to four different families of children. He really deserves a gold star. But I know he enjoys it just as much as the children getting the phone calls.

Today has been cruisy. The sun shone with no rain at all today. To my overseas friends reading this - I had a sparkly tank top on all day, no sleeves! I've only just put a cardigan on now. It's been a beautiful day.

And I've been very spoilt. Right now I'm wearing the most exquisite blue topaz and diamond earrings and matching necklace. How lucky am I?

I'm going to continue these Christmas pages right through the remainder of this year so be prepared!



Merry Christmas everyone!

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