Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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I'm tired tonight, too tired to scrap. I tinselled the front of the house, big silver tinsel and hung big red balls along the verandah. It looks just as nice as lights I think, as the sun set and it kind of twinkled the tinsel. Pretty stuff.

I love that Mike is as goofy at Christmas time, as I am. Kindred spirits and all. Here's another page from my December Daily book.



Credits here.

I have begged him to be a Christmas angel this year, can you even imagine? Bluntstone boots, footy socks, a tu tu, flannel shirt, wings (of course) and a slipped halo. I have talked his mate here into doing it, but he said he'll only do it if Mike does it. Mike says no way, if he says they'll both do it, Mike can see himself turning up to the parade in a tu tu and Tony wearing something else entirely. Funnily enough I can see that slight turn of events too.

Parade this Friday night, although it's stinking hot here now, it's forecast showers on Friday. Noooooooo. I know we need the rain, but not Friday, not the night of our parade and Carols. Please Mr. Weatherman.

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