Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday arvo

Sunday arvo, but not just any Sunday arvo, it's the Sunday arvo that happens to be Mike's birthday. He's having a cruisy day, we're just enjoying being at home at the moment. Spent a huge day in Melbourne yesterday, left home around 6am and didn't step back through the door till around 6pm.

Got No.1 stepson checked out of hospital and home, we filled his cupboard with groceries and easy to prepare meals, so he didn't have to go shopping, plus of course all the essentials like Tim Tams, chips, chocolate milk, etc. They're the real foods that will make him feel better. And made sure his scripts were filled for the pain killers. It's a load off everyone's mind that the woman who he hit has admitted full liability and his bike will be fixed at the expense of her insurers. Now he just has to endure 6 weeks of the very heavy plaster that goes from midway between his elbow and shoulder down to his fingers.

I tell you what though, I'm going to get Christmassy if it kills me. I'm trying, I really am. I've decided to join in with the December Daily, but instead of documenting my December, which lets face it, has been pretty shitty to this point, I'm documenting how Christmas is to us, throughout lots of years, our traditions, how we spend the build up, the season, what makes this time of year special to Mike and I.

So here's the first, a pic from Christmas Day last year enjoying our lunch at my sister-in-laws. We had just cracked the bon bons so had the silly hats on. (To my overseas friends reading this, note the short sleeves!!!)


Credits here.

A very easy dinner planned tonight. Mike has requested BBQ chook (done courtesy of the supermarket), lots of mashed potatoes, peas and gravy. How easy is that? His wish is my command. Oh and birthday pav. Always have to have the birthday pav (not cake, not for him!!)

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Chocolate Cat said...

Happy Birthday to Mike! Sounds like a yummy dinner especially the pav! Not sure yet if I am going to make Christmas but it won't be through not trying!!!