Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What a hottie

That's how the day went, not that a hottie has just walked in the door or anything. te he. My goodness our new AC has worked overtime here today. I got home tonight and it was so cool inside, bliss! Today got to 39C (that's 102F for my American friends). Plus there was a fire on the edge of town, which was a very close call it got to within a very short distance, like a couple of metres from two houses. Scary fire season ahead that's for sure.

Moving right along with my December pages to continue trying to get further into the festive spirit, the next instalment. Our pretty little Christmas tree with its very varied decorations. Yes it is only quite small, probably comes up to just above my hip, but a small house calls for a small tree. I have though run out of branches for all my ornaments so who knows what next year will bring. :-)



I must admit, I did do very well today getting all Christmasfied. I bought a couple of new Christmas CD's, nothing like a bit of Bing singing White Christmas when we're sweltering at work! haha I played it over and over and over in our office, I think everyone was ready to throw things at me.

Regardless of the hot weather today, still forecast for possible showers on Friday for our Christmas parade and Carols, urrrgh.

Time for bed, nighty night!

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Chocolate Cat said...

How different was the weather today?? Can't be any rain left to spoil the Christmas parade and carols!!!